Sunday, October 11, 2009

Updates?? What updates?

I must apologize to my loyal friends that stop by here from time to time for the lack of updates and any tumbleweeds that roll by.. Times have been busy and I can't show anything I've been working on. The fact I'm too lazy to do anything on the side lately doesnt help either!

Anyways, here's some logo work I did on the side for the good guys at Anthill Films. They're local, talented and quickly rising to the top in the world of Mountain biking films.
The films concept is basically this:
At the head of the trail you have never ridden, a friend turns with a knowing look and says… “Just follow me!” We’ve all heard it and depending on who says it makes a pretty big difference for what lies ahead. Whether it’s a good idea or not we almost always drop in. Now, riding alone is great. But let’s face it, we all ride harder, go faster, take more risks and have more fun when we ride with our friends. Follow Me.. coming Spring 2010

Here's a page of roughs that I did to figure out our initial direction. We all liked the speech bubble concept so we went with it.

Peep the demo Reel!

Anthill Films Demo Reel from Anthill Films on Vimeo.


joost said...

I didn't expected an update!

looks great jesse! nicely done with the speechbubble. fits good in the concept of someone saying it.

David M Chambers said...

Hey Jesse;

Are you interested in a concept art position at Zipper?

Let me know.



jenn brisson said...

cool, Schilp!