Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ink Study

I decided to sharpen my inking techniques and what better way than to study from one of the masters: John Buscema. Probably the quintessential Marvel guy, he's responsible for loads of work in the early marvel days and has worked on all the major characters.. just look him up online and you're bound to find some solid gold! He's well noted for his renditions of Conan, which is maybe why i enjoy his stuff so much, i really dont know..
I used a brush pen called Pentel pocket brush on this piece and it seems to work quite well. It has its own ink cartridge so theres no need to keep dipping. I'm still tempted to give the sable brush a shot though; theres nothing quite like the real thing.
Anyways I'm by no means trying to pass this off as my own - its merely a study and I'd like to give proper credit where its due.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's Dance!

Sans Jupe ou Avec?
i'm quite enjoying the black and white these days. It just doesnt get much more bold than that..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Post (Finally!)

Well, due to popular requests I've taken it upon myself to set time aside from my busy schedule of unpacking my life out of boxes stored over the last year and a half and post some art! I worked as a character designer on the TV show Edgar and Ellen before making the transition to Skunk Fu.. These were some of my favourites. Big up to Greg Hukaluck and Byron Leboe for their help along the way, 2 soopa talents i worked with at Bardel.