Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's Dance!

Sans Jupe ou Avec?
i'm quite enjoying the black and white these days. It just doesnt get much more bold than that..


Sean Covernton said...

Just stumbled across your blog! That dancing girl is great!

kennypark said...

Jesse Schilperoooort! Hey thanks for stumbling across my blog. Your stuff's looking great. I really like the painterly look you've adopted.

Are you still in Ireland? Any plans to come back to Van? ....Is Guinness really better in Ireland?

joost said...

that looks great jesse
i would say avec jupe
but thats just me

Lena said...

Greetings,Jesse!I madly like your figures!The refined feelings and profi execution-it very mush beautiful.Our cinema now only for Russia.In Russian.I draw in other style.At you in the country it is already cold&At us-snows and northern wind.Thanks that has answered.Lena.

marco piersma said...

Without of course!
Although I must say that she looks tres jolie avec la jupe.
Black and white is good!
Nice brush strokes, nice face, nice gloves..

Thanks for the compliment on ze drawing mate! I hope I'll make it to eighty.
Anyway, post more often I would say. Your drawings are beautifull!
Greetings from the old country!

Gene Fowler said...

Hey Jess,

Mick Harrison told me to hit you up. We're looking for Background painters for a flash show. If you'd like to know more hit me up please.

peace out homie!


adrien said...

très jolie silhouette! je prefère aussi avec la jupe.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stylisation .
Nice one .

jesse said...

Thanks to all for the kind words.
lena - спасибо!! and youre welcome. Enjoy all the snow.

Marco - thanx mate, glad to hear it.. i think i will try and do just that.

Merci Adrien, et les jupes à Berlin? Elles sont très bien, oui? haha.

Simon - Thanks mate, always a pleasure!

more soon.. i hope!

Jay D Smith said...

great stuff!


Ale said...

Avec avec!!

Walker said...

Love the girl. Thanks for sharing!