Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Late night..

Looks like a full moon outside.. maybe that explains this sudden surge of inspiration.
This is still a WIP. His proportions are a little messed up, I still need to finish his hands and tweak away.. Heavily influenced by one Justin Sweet.


Matthew Scheuerman said...

Love the face. Mood is very foreboding. Awesome work

Mick said...

what's that? a work in progress? see that took me about 3/4 of a second to type that... 'WIP'? bloody hell man what will you do with the eighth of a second you saved!!!

...ok calm down mick... I always dig these great moody colour jobs you do. This is no exception, great stuff... hope you soon FOTP... that's 'finish off this piece' by the way

Dan szilagyi said...

I'm with Matthew, i like the lighting on the face so far.
That moon looked awesome by the way i had a glimpse of it when i walked home

this should be an awesome piece when you're done


mayhem said...

I diggen the mood. Whats new skipperoo?

jesse said...

Thanks Fellas!