Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, you axed for it! I was messing around with some textures, overlay, painting and erasing and all around general color noodling and came up with this... Its going to get transfered on canvas, stretched and framed where it will finally end up as a mixed media piece as part of an art show i'm having this friday!! (49 Powell st 7pm-11pm for those of you in the area)
ciao for now


Anonymous said...

Textures look great . The mixed media apprach seems like a really fun way to go .

Post the final when it's done . I'd love to see it .

Cheers .

joost said...

Art show huh! that sounds great! is it with fancy food and drinks?
would love to come , if i'm around I'll definitly check it out

Mr Harte said...


Jay D Smith said...

Still looks great, any pics of your show?

Abel said...

wow that's great jesse, I love it!
yeah post some pics of your show, hope you are doing good!

Christian said...

Come on ....whats the hold up ? Wheres the updates man?