Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sketch clubbing

Nursery rhymes & Fairy TalesHeres some of my sketches for the Cartoon Saloon sketchclub... every week (or month depending on our free time) a new theme is selected. The 1st one was for nursery rhymes and fairy tales, although Jack the ripper really has nothing to do with either..
aand the botom is video games.
You can check out the sketchclub blog here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog - appreciate the kind words .

Have to say - I really like the work you have posted here . From the fist fighter all the way through to the skunkfu paintings and more - top quality stuff .

I have a few more links to add to the blog links column this coming weekend and I hope you don't mind if I link you up .

Cheers man .

Abel said...

a film for ants?!

Christian said...

What up Broheim! Nice photos,lets have some new stuff please...